Seventh Kyu Requirements

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Ki Tests and Exercises

Sitting Japanese style with legs folded underneath
Natural stance with feet shoulder width apart
Unbendable arm, tested while in hanmi stance
Koho Tento Undo
Rolling backward and forward from sitting, kneeling, and standing positions
Ushiro Ukemi
Tumbling backward completely from kneeling and standing positions
Mae Ukemi
Tumbling forward completely from kneeling and standing positions
Partner practice in seiza position; exercise to develop timing or "breath" power


Katatekosatori Kotegaeshi
Cross hand wrist grab, wrist-turning throw, pin
Katatori Ikkyo
Lapel grab, first technique throw, pin
Katatekosatori Kokyunage
Cross hand wrist grab, timing throw, controlling the head

Minimum Training Time

2 months and 20 hours of training.

7th kyu
6th kyu
5th kyu
4th kyu
3rd kyu
2nd kyu
1st kyu
1st dan
2nd dan
3rd dan
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