Seventh Kyu Requirements

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Ki Tests and Exercises

Ushiro Ukemi
Rolling backward with slap and returning to standing position
Mae Ukemi
Rolling forward with slap and returning to standing position
Shomenuchi, Yokomenuchi, Munetsuki
Demonstration of basic strikes
Funakogi Undo
Rowing exercise
Shomenuchi Ikkyo Undo
Raising and lowering the arms as if cutting with a sword
Renzoku Kokyudosa
Kokyudosa practiced continuously, one side to another without pause


Shomenuchi Kokyunage
Downward strike to the head, timing throw, controlling the head (as in Katatekosatori Kokyunage)
Katatetori Shihonage
"Four-directions" throw
Shomenuchi Iriminage
Downward strike to the head / "Entering throw" leading the balance and stepping through
Katatori Nikyo
Lapel grab, second teaching and pin

Techniques from lower kyu levels

Minimum Training Time

3 months and 30 hours of training after earning 7th kyu

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