AAA Promotion Requirements

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These requirements are a minimum standard for the purposes of promotion testing; this is not a comprehensive listing of all the applications of technique with which you must be familiar.

Many techniques have omote (front) and ura (rear) variations that you must know.

Many techniques have applications against both static and dynamic attacks that you must know.

In certain cases a particular variation of a technique is required and noted as such above; you are encouraged, however, to demonstrate additional variations.

All tests are cumulative; you must be prepared to demonstrate exercises and techniques from all ranks prior to the one for which you are actually testing.

All test candidates must complete the following prior to testing:

No application for promotion testing will be accepted by the test committee with the knowledge and consent of the candidate's instructor.

7th kyu
6th kyu
5th kyu
4th kyu
3rd kyu
2nd kyu
1st kyu
1st dan
2nd dan
3rd dan
4th dan
5th dan