Third Kyu Requirements

Minimum 6 months and 60 hours of training after earning 4th kyu

Ki Tests and Exercises

Yoko Ukemi
"Side fall" exercise, from standing positions and from tumbling forward
Tenkan Undo
"Spinning change exercise"; turning body movement


Ushirohijitori Kotegaeshi
Grasping elbows from behind / "Wrist-turning" throw and pin
Munetsuki Kokyunage
Thrusting attack to the chest / "Timing throw" ; pivot-throw variation required
Katatori Gokyo
Lapel Grab / "Fifth Teaching" and pin
Ushirotori Kokyunage
Grasping from behind (bearhug) / "Timing throw" executed in the manner of Ushirotori Undo
Ryotetori Kaitenage
Grasping both wrists / "Rotary throw"
Katateryotetori Nikyo
Grasping a forearm with both hands / "Second teaching" and pin
The following techniques performed from seated (seiza) position:
Shomenuchi Kokyunage
Shomenuchi Ikkyo
Katatori Nikyo
Bokken Kata I
First sword form; 13 movements ("Happo Giri"; cutting in eight directions)
Jiyu Waza
"Free technique" : Defense against any grasping attack

Techniques from lower kyu levels

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