First Kyu Requirements

Minimum 6 months and 60 hours of training after earning second kyu and attendance at one Aikido seminar since earning second kyu

Ki Tests and Exercises

Tai sabaki with bokken
Body movement and striking with the sword against an opponent


Ushirotekubitori Jiujinage
Grasp both wrists from behind / Entwining the arms in the shape of the Japanese number "10" (shape of cross) and throwing
Yokomenuchi Sudori
Strike to the side of the head / "Disappearing" throw
Katateryotetori Kotegaeshi
Grasping a forearm with both hands / "Wrist-turning" throw and pin
Munetsuki Sumiotoshi
Thrusting attack to the chest / "Corner-drop throw"
Katatori ganmenuchi Ikkyo
Grasping lapel and punching to the face / "First teaching" throw and pin
Defense against knife attacks; at least three techniques each against shomenuchi, yokomenuchi and munetsuki attacks required
Bokken Kata II
Second sword form; 13 movements
"Seizing chaos": Defense against multiple attackers (3)

Techniques from lower kyu levels

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