Fifth Kyu Requirements

Minimum 3 months and 30 hours of training after earning 6th kyu

Ki Tests and Exercises

Hanmi no kamae
"Half-body stance"
Banzai no kamae
Stance with feet shoulder-width and both arms raised
Zengo undo
Raising and lowering arms as if cutting with a sword with 180 degree pivoting motion
Happo undo
Raising and lowering arms with movement as if cutting in eight directions
Tekubikosa undo
"Crossing the wrists exercise" upper and lower variations required
Kamae with bokken
Demonstration of the five basic sword stances
Bokken and jo suburi
Demonstration of basic strikes with sword and staff


Shomenuchi kotegaeshi
Downward strike to the head "wrist turning" throw and pin
Shomenuchi ikkyo
Downward strike to the head, "first teaching" and pin.
Katatetori sankyo
Same side wrist grab, "third teaching" both nage waza (throwing) and katame wasa (pinning) variations are required.
Yokomenuchi sokumen iriminage
Strike to the side of the head "side of the face entering throw"; technique performed in the manner of sayu undo.
Munetsuki kotegaeshi
thrusting strike tot he chest wrist turning throw and pin
Katatetori kaitenage
Same side wrist grasp, "rotary throw" tenkan variation required

Techniques from lower kyu levels

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