Second Kyu Requirements

Minimum 6 months and 60 hours of training after earning third kyu and attendance at one Aikido seminar

Ki Tests and Exercises

Aguro no shisei
Sitting cross legged
Kata ashiage
Raising one leg
Agaranai karada
Unliftable body
Verbal examination will be administered by test committee on the following topics:
Four Basic Principles of Aikido
What is Aikido?
Meditation training
Breathing training


Ryokatatori Kokyunage
Grasping both lapels / "Timing throw"; pivot-throw variation required
Ushirokatatori Kokyunage
Grasping both shoulders from behind / "Timing throw"; variation executed with bowing movement required
Katateryotetori Kokyunage
Grasping a forearm with both hands / "Timing throw"
Ryokatatori Kotegaeshi
Grasping both lapels / "Wrist-turning" throw and pin
Katatori Menuchi Iriminage
Grasping a lapel and attack shomenuchi or yokomenuchi / "Entering throw" leading the balance and stepping through
Hanmi Hantachi Waza
The following techniques performed from a seated (seiza) position against a standing attacker:
Katatetori Shihonage
Katatetori Sankyo
Munetsuki Kotegaeshi
Ryotetori Koshinage
Grasping both wrists / "Hip throw"
Maegeri Kokyunage
Front snapping kick / "Timing throw"
Jiyu Waza
"Free technique" against any attack
Jo Kata I
First staff form; 22 movements

Techniques from lower kyu levels

7th | 6th | 5th | 4th | 3rd

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