PhotochemCAD was developed by Jonathan S. Lindsey and coworkers.

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All these spectra were extracted from the database that accompanies the PhotochemCAD program. That program is available at www.photochemCAD.com and the program is available for free. You should try it out.

The journal article that support the work done on PhotochemCAD are

Listing by Chemical Class

Acridine orange in basic ethanol

Acridine yellow in ethanol

Adenine in water, pH 7

Anthracene in cyclohexane

Anthraquinone in ethanol

Auramine O in water

Azobenzene in benzene

Bacteriochlorophyll a in toluene

Benzene in cyclohexane

Benzoquinone in hexane

7-Benzylamino-4-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazole in ethanol

Beta-carotene in hexane

Bilirubin in chloroform

Biliverdin dimethyl ester in ethanol

Biphenyl in cyclohexane

9,10-Bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene in cyclohexane

Boron subphthalocyanine chloride in benzene

Chlorin e6 in diethyl ether

Chlorin e6 in ethanol

Chlorophyll a in methanol

Chlorophyll a in diethyl ether

Chlorophyll b in diethyl ether

Coumarin 1 in ethanol

Coumarin 30 in acetonitrile

Coumarin 314 in ethanol

Coumarin 343 in ethanol

Coumarin 6 in ethanol

Cresyl violet perchlorate in ethanol

Cryptocyanine in ethanol

Crystal violet, in water

Crystal violet in glycerol

Cytosine in water

Dansyl glycine in dioxane

Dansyl glycine in water

4',6-Diamidino-2-phenylindole, [DAPI] in water

4',6-Diamidino-2-phenylindole, [DAPI] in dimethylsulfoxide

5,10-Diaryl chlorin in toluene

5,10-Diaryl Cu-chlorin in toluene

5,10-Diaryl Cu-oxochlorin in toluene

5,10-Diaryl Mg-oxochlorin in toluene

5,10-Diaryl oxochlorin in toluene

5,10-Diaryl Zn-chlorin in toluene

5,10-Diaryl Zn-Oxochlorin in toluene

4-(dicyanomethylene)-2-methyl-6-(p-dimethylaminostyryl)-4H-pyran, [DCM] in acetonitrile

4-(dicyanomethylene)-2-methyl-6-(p-dimethylaminostyryl)-4H-pyran, [DCM] in methanol

1,1'-diethyl-2,2'-cyanine iodide in ethanol

N,N'-Difluoroboryl-1,9-dimethyl-5-(4-iodophenyl)dipyrrin in toluene

N,N'-Difluoroboryl-1,9-dimethyl-5-[(4-(2-trimethylsilylethynyl)pheny]dipyrrin in toluene

N,N'-Difluoroboryl-1,9-dimethyl-5-phenydipyrrin in toluene

4-Dimethylamino-4'-nitrostilbene in benzene

1,2-diphenylacetylene in ethanol

9,10-Diphenylanthracene in cyclohexane

1,4-diphenylbutadiene in hexane

1,4-diphenylbutadiyne in ethanol

1,6-Diphenylhexatriene in cyclohexane

2,5-Diphenyloxazole, [PPO] in cyclohexane

Diprotonated-tetraphenylporphyrin in chloroform + HCl

Eosin Y in basic ethanol

Ethyl p-dimethylaminobenzoate in ethanol

Ferrocene in cyclohexane

Fluorescein in ethanol

Fluorescein in basic ethanol

Guanine in water

Hematin in acetic acid

Histidine in water

Hoechst 33258 in N,N-dimethylformamide

Hoechst 33258 in water

Indocarbocyanine (C3) in methanol

Indodicarbocyanine (C5) in methanol

Indotricarbocyanine (C7) in ethanol

Lucifer yellow CH in water

Magnesium octaethylporphyrin, [MgOEP] in toluene

Magnesium octaethylporphyrin, [MgOEP] in dichloromethane

Magnesium phthalocyanine, [MgPc] in pyridine

Magnesium phthalocyanine, [MgPc] in PrOH

Magnesium tetramesitylporphyrin, [MgTMP] in toluene

Magnesium tetraphenylporphyrin, [MgTPP] in toluene

Malachite Green in water

Merocyanine 540 in ethanol

Bis(5-mesityldipyrrinato)zinc in toluene

7-Methoxycoumarin-4-acetic acid in methanol

2-Methylbenzoxazole in cyclohexane

N-Confused tetraphenylporphyrin in chloroform

Naphthalene in cyclohexane

Nile Blue in methanol

Nile Blue in ethanol

Nile Red in Dioxane

Octaethylporphyrin in benzene

Oxacarbocyanine (C3) in ethanol

Oxadicarbocyanine (C5) in ethanol

Oxatricarbocyanine (C7) in ethanol

Oxazine 170 in methanol

Oxazine 1 in methanol

Perylene-diimide, [PDI] in toluene

Perylene-monoimide(OR), [PMI(OR)] in toluene

Perylene-monoimide(OR)3, [PMI(OR)3] in toluene

Perylene-monoimide, [PMI-2] in toluene

Perylene in cyclohexane

Phenol in hexane

Phenylalanine in water

Phenyldipyrrin in toluene

Bis(5-phenyldipyrrinato)zinc in toluene

Pheophorbide a in ethanol

Phthalocyanine, [Pc] in chloronaphthalene

Pinacyanol iodide in methanol

Piroxicam in hexane

POPOP in cyclohexane

Porphin in toluene

Proflavin in water, pH 7

Protoporphyrin IX dimethyl ester in chloroform

Pyrene in cyclohexane

Pyropheophorbide a methyl ester in dichloromethane

Pyropheophorbide a in dichloromethane

Pyrrole in hexane

p-Quaterphenyl in cyclohexane

Quinine sulfate in 0.05 M H2SO4

Quinine sulfate in 0.5 M H2SO4

Rhodamine 123 in ethanol

Rhodamine 6G in ethanol

Rhodamine B in ethanol

Riboflavin in ethanol

Rose bengal in basic ethanol

Squarylium III in dichloromethane

Stains all in ethanol

trans-Stilbene in hexane

cis-Stilbene in hexane

Sulforhodamine 101 in ethanol

TBP-beta-octa(COOBu)-Fb in DMF

TBP-beta-octa(COOBu)-Pd in DMF

TBP-beta-octa(COOBu)-Zn in DMF

TBP-meso-tetra(4-COOMe-phenyl)-Fb in DMF

TBP-meso-tetra(4-COOMe-phenyl)-Pd in DMF

TBP-meso-tetra(4-COOMe-phenyl)-Zn in DMF

TBP-meso-tetraphenyl-beta-octa(COOMe)-Fb in DMF

TBP-meso-tetraphenyl-beta-octa(COOMe)-Pd in DMF

TBP-meso-tetraphenyl-beta-octa(COOMe)-Zn in DMF

TCPH-meso-tetra(4-COOMe-phenyl)-Pd in DMF

TCPH-meso-tetra(4-COOMe-phenyl)-Zn in DMF

p-Terphenyl in cyclohexane

Tetra-t-butylazaporphine in chlorobenzene

Tetra-t-butylnaphthalocyanine in chlorobenzene

Tetrakis(2,6-dichlorophenyl)porphyrin in toluene

Tetrakis(o-aminophenyl)porphyrin in toluene

Tetramesitylporphyrin, [TMP] in toluene

Tetraphenylporphyrin, [TPP] in toluene

Tetraphenylsapphyrin in dichloromethane

Thiacarbocyanine (C3) in n-propanol

Thiacarbocyanine (C3) in ethanol

Thiadicarbocyanine (C5) in ethanol

Thiatricarbocyanine (C7) in PrOH

Thymine in water

Toluene in cyclohexane

5,10,15-Triphenylcorrole in dichloromethane

Tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) in water

5,10,15-Tris(pentafluorophenyl)corrole in dichloromethane

Tryptophan in water, 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7

Tyrosine in water, 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7

Uracil in water

Vitamin B12 in borate buffer, pH 10

Zinc octaethylporphyrin, [ZnOEP] in toluene

Zinc phthalocyanine, [ZnPc] in pyridine

Zinc tetramesitylporphyrin radical cation in dichloromethane

Zinc tetramesitylporphyrin, [ZnTMP] in toluene

Zinc tetraphenylporphyrin, [ZnTPP] in toluene

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