This page was originally created in 1998 and collected together information about the optical absorption of water that I digitized or transcribed as well as data from long-dead websites created by Warren Wiscombe, Piotr J. Flatau, and Scott Pegau.

The only significant discrepancies in the data below are in the visible (300-600nm) where the absorption is so low. Recent work by Pope and Sogandares on the absorption coefficient of water in this regime indicates that it is significantly lower than that found by most previous investigators. Moreover, the minimum absorption wavelength is now at about 420nm instead of in the green. Practically, this makes very little difference in biomedical applications, since the water used by Fry's group was extremely pure.

The data is surprisingly consistent. Plot a couple for yourself, or you can just look at (Segelstein) or (Hale and Querry) or (Wieliczka).

The Compendium

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