New accurate values of the imaginary part, k, of the refractive index of water at T = 22°, supercooled water at T =-8° and polycrystalline ice at T = -25° are presented graphically and in tabular form. The new k values were obtained from transmission spectra in the 0.65-2.5 µm (14000- 4000 cm-1) range of a series of samples varying in thickness from 100 µm to 20 cm. The k spectrum for water in the spectral region 0.65-2.5/mum is found to be in excellent agreement with previous studies. The k values for polycrystalline ice in the 1.44-2.50 µm region eliminate the large uncertainties existing between previously published conflicting sets of data. The imaginary part of refractive index of supercooled water shows a systematic shift of absorption peaks towards the longer wavelengths when compared to that of water at warmer temperatures.

L. Kou, "Refractive indices of water and ice in the 0.65- 2.5 µm spectral range," Dalhousie University (Canada) (1993).