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updated Oct 31, 1997 by Steven L. Jacques

November, 1997

  • Gallery of images from biomedical optics sites.
    This month's gallery of images emphasizes optical fibers and deep tissue imaging by optical tomography. Link to article

  • Surfing the WEB for biomedical optics sites.
    We have been surfing the web for sites related to biomedical optics. Here are the results presented as annotated links to various sites. Link to article

  • OSA Topical Meeting on Dermatology successfully engages scientists and physicians in dialogue on medical lasers and skin optics.
    An experiment in interfacing scientists and doctors was conducted at last week's OSA meeting in Long Beach. A topical meeting on dermatology presented scientific talks on Friday and clinical talks on Saturday, pertaining to skin optics, optical diagnostics and dosimetry, and the clinical use of lasers for therapies. Link to article

  • OSA Annual Meeting in Long Beach touts Life Sciences as special emphasis topic.
    A week of sessions on Biomedical Optics was presented. Link to article

  • SpectRx develops portable optical spectrometer for monitoring hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants.
    A hand-held portable optical spectrometer allows monitoring hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants noninvasively rather than drawing blood. Link to article

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