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posted August 5, 1998 by Steven L. Jacques

August, 1998

  • Simple light dosimetry during endoscopic PDT treatments using an optical fiber with microlens.
    This article presents a simple dosimetry technique for setting the laser power during a PDT treatment that uses an optical fiber with a microlens which is delivered through an endoscope.Link to article

  • A hyperspectral image of a basket of fruit.
    Following up on the Gallery on "hyperspectral imaging" (NewsEtc., June, 1998), an instructive image was sent by Nahum Gat, Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. Link to article

  • Spectrum of the month.
    This month the spectral data for aorta tissue is featured. Link to article

  • Gallery of images.
    This month's gallery of images features fluorescence lifetime imaging.Link to article

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