A hyperspectral image of a basket of fruit.

NewsEtc., August 1, 1998.

Following up on the Gallery on "hyperspectral imaging" (NewsEtc., June, 1998), an instructive image was sent by Nahum Gat, Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

The attached image were collected via with two LCTFs (liquid crystal tunable filters) to cover the VIS and NIR range. The control is through a PC running the ENVI application. It allows setting the bands, and individual exposure time to maximize the camera dynamic range, previewing the images and then grabbing the entire sequence.

Additional algorithms are available to convert the radiance image cube to reflectance data for intrinsic analysis of objects in the image. The system is based on a digital 12 bits camera, frame grabber, LCTF, apochromatic (400 to 1,100 nm optimized) lens. and a PC.

hyperspectral bowl of fruit
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The spectra associated with pixels from various fruit are shown in this hyperspectral image.

-- Nahum Gat
Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI)
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Torrance, CA 90503
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E-Mail: Nahum@oksi.com, OR nahum@techexpo.com
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