6. Combine data and analysis

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The analytic analysis expression from the previous page indicates that the predicted behavior of reflectivity (ρ [dimensionless]) and attenuation (μ [cm-1]) is:

ρ ≈ μs Lfocus f

μ ≈ a μs zf 2 G

For a range of optical properties μs and g values, the predicted values of observed μ and ρ were generated and overlaid on the data as a grid.

The grid suggests that the optical properties of all the tissues are in the range of 300-600 cm-1, and the anisotropy g varies broadly from 0.90-0.99.

These preliminary results suggest that anisotropy g is a quite variable optical property that strongly influences the signals obtained in confocal microscopy.

An experimental measurement of an agarose gel containing 0.1-μm-diameter polystyrene microspheres s = 97 cm-1, g = 0.11, based on transmission experiments and Mie theory calculations) is shown (black solid circle) and properly locates near its predicted values of μs and g.

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