Step 6 of 8: Find the height of each surface (from the optical axis)

This is really easy. The only confusing part is that you'll be determining the height of the object from the optical axis (or its radius). The object (OBJ) height is

OBJ height

The height of the first surface (the AST surface) is

AST height

The height of the second surface should be the height of the previous surface

surface 2 height

The height of the image surface can be left blank. OSLO will calculate it for you.

surface 3 height

So, once again, add these heights into the table describing your optical system.

Surface Curvature Distance Height Material
OBJ 0 Dobj hobj
AST Rast Dast hast
2 R2 D2 h2
IMS 0 (calc) (calc)