ECE580CLT: Computational Approaches Toward Light Transport

Monte Carlo Modeling


OGI accessHow to access the OGI computer to run Monte Carlo programs and other C programs.
IntroductionHow to use mcsub() subroutine. This is a chapter that describes the mcmain() program and the mcsub() subroutine.
howtomcsub.html = 270 Kbytes
montecarlo.pdf = 112 Kbytes
C programThe program listing for mcmain.c that demonstrates the use of mcsub() and associated subroutines. The program mcmain.c includes all subroutines.
Here is the program listing --->mcmain.c, Feb. 8, 2001.


articleMonte Carlo sampling of probability distributions: How to make the computer roll dice.
class examEXAM PROBLEM: Use Monte Carlo method to launch a flat-top circular beam of radius a and uniform irradiance b such that the total power is 1 W.
ANSWER: A simple example using a uniform flat-top circular beam. howtosample.html