ECE532 Biomedical Optics
© 1998 Steven L. Jacques, Scott A. Prahl
Oregon Graduate Institute

Time-resolved Diffusion theory


The following figures illustrate the time-resolved transport of light from an impulse isotropic point source of energy within a homogeneous unbounded medium with absorption and scattering properties.

The simulation parameters for the medium are µa = 1.0 cm-1, µs(1 - g) = 10.0 cm-1, nt = 1.33. The total impulse energy is Uo = 1 J

The fluence rate F(r,t) is plotted versus r at three timepoints: t = 5, 100, and 1000 ps.

The time-resolved fluence rate

The same data plotted as a semi-log plot

The C program that generated the data in the above figures is listed here.

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