Aiki Jogi #1

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Fred Phillips demonstrating

Jo Form #1

This kata was originated by Koichi Tohei.

It is always problematic to describe a kata in words. English is just not suited to accurate description of three-dimensional movement. Some might feel like it is a waste of time. Clearly learning the kata from this webpage will be hopeless. However, if you knew the kata at one point and are trying to recall if a strike is shomen or yokomen, this page might just help.

I have used times to denote the ending direction for each step. The assumption is that you will be facing in the 12:00 direction initially (so 3:00 would be to your right).

Begin with the base of the jo on the floor in front of your left foot. Hold the jo with your left hand. Say "ready" and extend the top of the jo towards your opponent; the base will rise and the jo should naturally land in the palm of your right hand. The jo will more-or-less horizontal at this point. From this position begin counting for the kata.

  1. Thrust at opponent's throat and then retreat to upper guard. The initial thrust will accompanied by a slide step forward along the line-of-attack. The retreat is also a slide step back and to your left. You will end in left hanmi at a slight angle to the line-of-attack and the tip of your jo will be pointed towards your attacker. (finish in 11:00 direction)
  2. Repeat #1 i.e., slide step back onto the line-of-attack and thrust again, then slide step back off the line-of-attack to upper guard (finish in right hanmi at 11:00)
  3. Step through with back foot. As you do this slide the back hand to the front and release with the front hand so that you can grab the base of the jo. Finish with a right yokomen strike. (11:00)
  4. Now step across the line-of-attack with your back (left) foot. Do a reverse yokomen as your right foot sweeps rightward so that you finish in left hanmi in the 1:00 direction.
  5. Release with left hand and grab the other end of the jo as you turn right 180 degrees and slide your right foot onto the line of attack. This movement is like a low thrust to the knee of the person attacking from behind. This movement ends with both feet on the line of attack and blends into the next step...
  6. which is a large step through with left foot and a repeat of #1 (thrust on line with retreat to upper guard off the line-of-attack). You will finish in left hanmi at 7:00. #5 and #6 should be continuous.
  7. This is a repeat of 3 (s)
  8. repeat 4 (s)
  9. turn right 180 and bring the jo down (n)
  10. slide step tsuki (right foot in front) (n)
  11. repeat 4 and change hands
  12. repeat 1
  13. repeat 3, then let the jo slide through your hands so it is behind
  14. strike with ishizuki to opponent's face
  15. strike between opponent's eyes with ishizuki
  16. let go with right hand repeat 1
  17. repeat 13
  18. duck as you move forward to sweep opponent's leg from side
  19. tsuki with ishizuki to stomach
  20. flip and tsuki with kissaki to stomach
  21. let jo slide through hands and step forward with right foot as the ishizuki strikes chin in upper cut
  22. let go with left hand and tsuki to throat with kissaki


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