ASCII Source Code for CONV

The source code for CONV can be downloaded directly as ASCII text files:

You may compile the source code with various C compilers. For example, to compile on a UNIX system using the SUN Workstation one enters:

  cc  -o  CONV convi.c convo.c convnr.c conviso.c convconv.c  convmain.c 

which yields an executable program called CONV*.

CONV will ask you for the name of an output file from MCML such as sample.mco. The program is menu driven and there are a variety of options. The outputs of CONV are simple files appropriate for plotting with most common graphing software.

Sample.Fz is an example output file generated by CONV from sample.mco which is a two-column file for plotting the 1D fluence as a function of depth, F(z), after integrating the local fluence, F(r,z), over all radial positions at a given depth.

Sample.iso is an output file that lists a set of x,y columns which specify the iso-fluence contours for 100, 10, and 1 cm^-2 based on sample.mco.

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