Update, March 2018

Migrated to https so you can look at spectra securely. Good grief, Google.

Restored a few old files for Steve's NewsEtc.

In another effort to modernize, we're now using GitHub to host source code. The first things available are the Mie and Adding-Doubling software.

The python-only Mie scattering package now has two new documentation files.
Angular Scattering | Rayleigh Scattering

A python module for modeling Graded Index Lenses (GRIN) is now available along with some basic examples

To Do

  • Some content still needs to be retired and some is still missing.
  • The whole spectra directory still needs attention.

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This website is a collaboration of Steve Jacques (above, now mostly at Tufts) and Scott Prahl (at Oregon Tech). We started this site a long time ago (no gray hair in the above pictures!) at the Oregon Medical Laser Center in Portland.