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We can observe that the position of the fibrous layer (at UD) changes with age. However, not only the position of the fibrous layer changes with age, large changes were also observed in the structure of the collagen fibers and bundles. Both effects can be observed in this slide, showing CLSM images at the depth UD parallel to the skin surface (x-y view) and in cross-sectional (x-z) view. The left CLSM image represents a measurement on the forearm of a 24 year-old and the right one on a 54 year-old volunteer. The location of the bright reflecting layers can directly be observed in the x-z view and are indicated by arrows. It is clear that this layer is located much deeper below the skin surface for the younger volunteer as compared to the older one. Moreover, the structure of the bundles at this depth (x-y view) is completely different. The younger skin consists of relatively large bundles, whereas the older skin shows a network of thin and small fibers.

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