ECE532 Biomedical Optics
© 1998 Steven L. Jacques, Scott A. Prahl
Oregon Graduate Institute

Example: Mie calculation of Qs and µs

Consider the scattering of a HeNe laser beam by 0.304-µm-dia. nonabsorbing polystyrene spheres in water at a concentration of 0.1% volume fraction:

np = 1.5721 particle refractive index
nmed = 1.3316 medium refractive index
a = 0.152 µm, particle radius
= 0.6328 µm wavelength in vacuo
fv = 0.001 volume fraction of particles in medium

Calculate the following parameters:

refractive index mismatch ratio, size parameter, geometrical cross-sectional area, and number density

Run the Mie theory algorithm:

Calculate the scattering coefficient:

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