This is a library of MATLAB files that specify useful optical properties and calculations of reflectance.

Download spectral_library.mat
nmLIB(701,1), MU(701,4)
The spectral_library.mat file contains a library of absorption properties for 300-1000 nm wavelength:
column 1: oxyhemoglobin (for whole blood = 150 g HGb/liter)
column 2: deoxyhemoglobin
column 3: water
column 4: melanosome interior (typical cutaneous melanosome. retinal melanosome ~ 10x higher absorption)

Download pigFat.mat
nmFat(67,1), muaFat(67,1)
The pigFat.mat file contains the spectrum by (vanVeen et al.) for pure pig fat (601-1097 nm).

Download exampleCalc.m
This program demonstrates the use of spectral_library.mat and getRdFarrell.m, drawing absorption, scattering and reflectance spectra.

Download getRdFarrell.m
Rd = getRdFarrell(mua,musp,nr)
The getRdFarrell.m file returns the total diffuse reflectance (Rd) from a semi-infinite thickness of tissue illuminated by a beam source perpendicular to the surface,
where nr = n_tissue/n_outside (the refractive index ratio at surface boundary).

Download getRrFarrell.m
Rr = getRrFarrell(mua,musp,r,nr)
The getRrFarrell.m file returns the local density of escaping flux (Rr) at a distance r from a pencile-beam source irradiating a tissue surface perpendicularly at r=0.
Again, nr = n_tissue/n_outside.

Download demo_fminsearchfxdW.m Demonstrates least-squares fittiing of diffuse reflectance spectra (Rd)
using MATLAB's fminsearch.m function. Also download fitRdfxdW.m, which is used by demo_fminsearchfxdW.m.