The optical absorption or emission data of Tm:YLF (Tm:LiYF4). This data was part of the NASA Laser Spectra Database found on the web until December of 2005. This information was created by Pat Cross working at the NASA Langley Research Center. I have reworked the data to produce these interactive graphs and to provide direct links to text files containing the raw and manipulated data. Although I have tried to be careful, I may have introduced some errors; the cautious user is advised to compare these results with the original sources.

You can resize any of the graphs by clicking and dragging a rectangle. If you hover the mouse over the line on the graph, you will see a pop-up showing the coordinates. One of the icons in the upper right corner will let you export the graph in other formats.


The spectra was collected by BMW on 20 February 1992. The sample was 4.3900 mm thick. The sample orientation was unknown.

Spectra were recorded from 740 to 850nm every 0.2nm at room temperature. The incident light was unpolarized.

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