TBP-meso-tetraphenyl-beta-octa(COOMe)-Fb This page summarizes the optical absorption and emission data of TBP-meso-tetraphenyl-beta-octa(COOMe)-Fb that is available in the PhotochemCAD package, version 2.1a (Du 1998, Dixon 2005). I reworked their data to produce these interactive graphs and to provide direct links to text files containing the raw and manipulated data. Although I have tried to be careful, I may have introduced some errors; the cautious user is advised to compare these results with the original sources.

You can resize any of the graphs by clicking and dragging a rectangle. If you hover the mouse over the graph, you will see a pop-up showing the coordinates. One of the icons in the upper right corner will let you export the graph in other formats.


This optical absorption measurement of TBP-meso-tetraphenyl-beta-octa(COOMe)-Fb were made by O. Finikova on 10-24-2004 using a PerkinElmer Lambda 35.

These measurements were scaled to make the molar extinction coefficient match the value of 230,000cm-1/M at 483.0nm (Finikova, 2004).

Original Data | Extinction Data


See (Finikova, 2004) for photophysical properties of tetrabenzoporphyrins.


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