by Jessica Ramella-Roman

In this page I will post any upgrade to the programs

  • 6-23-2005, "nan" error

    There was an error for the remote case of theta=nangles, at initializatio the terms s11, s12, s33, and s34 are initialized so that

    for (i=0; i < nangles; ++i){

    this was replaced with

    for(i=0;  i <= nangles; ++i) {

    This solves the problem of nan results. All the programs were updated to solve this issue

  • 7-14-2005, roundoff error

    Round off error in mcMeridian program, in the previous version I had taken out two lines

    if (cosi > 1) cosi=1;
    if (cosi < -1) cosi=-1; 

    immediately after rejection method. Taking those line out gave wrong nan results, lines were re-added to programs