MCML source code in ASCII

Individual files in ASCII text format can be downloaded:

( NOTE: There was an error in the sample.mci file previously posted. The lines starting with the word "InParm" were supposed to be comments but were lacking the '#' symbol at the start of the lines. So '#' was added to the start of those lines. Apologies for the oversight which would have caused a run error. April 14, 2000. SLJ )

You may compile the source code with various C compilers. For example, to compile on a UNIX system using the SUN Workstation one enters:

  cc -o mcml mcmlio.c mcmlnr. mcmlgo.c mcmlmain.c

which yields an executable program called mcml*.

The output file sample.mco is rather large. It contains all possible data desired from the MCML run. One uses the program CONV to load this sample.mco file and select just the type of output desired. CONV yields small output files suitable for graphing with standard software.

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