Gordon Research Conference on Lasers in Medicine and Biology.

NewsEtc., July, 1998. Steven Jacques, Oregon Medical Laser Center

The young and old in the field of Biomedical Lasers and Optics met for the biennial Gordon Research Conference in Medicine and Biology. This group first met in 1965 assembling many of the early investigators who were working to develop medical uses of lasers and light in medicine. Every other year the group has gathered to compare notes on emerging applications and unresolved basic science issues. The meeting is confidential which allows unpublished work to be presented for a preview of cutting-edge projects under development.

Morning and evening sessions are held and the afternoons are free for basketball, soccer, canoeing, hiking, fishing, etc. The robust late-night session from 10-12 PM is a free-for-all of discussion and argumentative fun lubricated by beer. The 5-day conference is held at a high school level boarding school (Kimball Union Academy, New Hampshire), attendees stay in the dorms and all meals are provided as part of registration. The GRC is a great opportunity for graduate students and post-docs to talk at length with the investigators in our field, and vice versa for investigators to learn from the brightest young people entering our field. The meeting is highly recommended.

The rules of the conference are that EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL, NOTHING IS CITABLE, and there are NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. So I can't tell you about all the fascinating topics and discussions at this year's meeting, both the lectures and the poster sessions. But the schedule of speakers was published on the WEB at the GRC website and is here reproduced to partially archive the topics covered by the meeting.

Schedule of talks at the 1998 GRC on Lasers in Medicine and Biology.

Joe Izatt, Chair
Willem Starr, Co-Chair
Lasers in Medicine and Biology
June 14-19, 1998
Kimball Union Academy
Meriden, New Hampshire, USA

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Attendees in photo

1. Raimund Hibst
2. David Sliney
3. Vanitha Sankaran
4. Eva Sevick-Muraca
5. David Boas
6. Vasan Venugopalan
7. Gerd Hausler
8. Myron L. Wolbarsht
9. Willem Star
10. Joseph Izatt
11. Alexander Oraevsky
12. Mary-Ann Mycek
13. Dan Jay
14. Shabbir Bambot
15. Tony Raven
16. Alfred Vogel
17. Reginald Birngruber
18. Rudolf Verdaasdonk
19. Angela Baumgartner
20. Changhuei Yang
21. Ben Ovryn
22. Joon S. You
23. Harry Zwick
24. Andrew Dunn
25. Dilip Paithankar
26. Andrew Berger
27. Brian Pogue
28. John Parrish
29. Alexei Lukashev
30. J. Stuart Nelson
31. Steven L. Jacques
32. Abraham Levy
33. Fabrice Manns
34. Rebecca Richards-Kortum
35. Federic Durville
36. Gennady Rubinstein
37. Jennifer Barton
38. Jay Walsh
39. Charles Lin
40. Josh Pfefer
41. Boris Majaron
42. ???
43. ???
44. Gereon Huettmann
45. Duncan Maitland
46. Kester Nahen
47. Franz Hillenkamp
48. Benno Radt
49. Sharon Thomsen
50. Balasigamani Devaraj
51. Nobuo Shimamoto
52. Robert Godwin
53. Jeffery S. Reynolds
54. Tamara Troy
55. Judy Mourant
56. Karin Kunzi-Rapp
57. Johann Roider
58. Greg Burke
59. Claesaf Klinteberg
60. David Cohen
61. Christiaan van Swol
62. E. Duco Jansen
63. Irving Bigio
64. Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
65. Marta L. Dark
66. Ralf Brinkmann
67. Wei D. Tian
68. ???
69. Zhongping Chen
70. Karen Shafer
71. Kai Zhang
72. Ilko Ilev
73. David Royston
74. ???
75. Ron Waynant
76. Woody Ediger
77. Dan Fried
78. Urs Utzinger
79. Nathaniel Fried
80. ???
81. Henricus Sterenborg
82. Stefan Andersson-Engels
83. Richard Straight
84. Ton van Leeuwen
85. Theodore Papazoglou
86. ???
87. Brett Hooper
88. Wei-Chiang Lin
89. Bruce Tromberg
90. Mathieu Ducros
91. Maria Franceschini
92. ???
93. Martin Shim
94. ???
95. Costas M. Pitsillides
96. Andrew Rollins
97. Siavash Yazdanfar
98. Brian McIlroy
99. Ujwal Sathyam
100. Frank Fischer
101. Lothar Lilge
102. Robert Weersink
103. Jon Viator
104. Peter Klopotek
105. Tom Flotte
106. Alex Vitkin
107. Gunther Paltauf
108. Stephen Mulhollano
109. Mark Modell
110. Tony Durkin
111. James Hsia
112. Nikiforos Kollias
113. Tuan H. Pham
114. Scott Prahl
115. Carrie Brookner
116. Brian Wilson
117. Rebekah Drezek
118. Gracie Vargas
119. Mel Judy
120. Tae-Woong Koo

Registrants not identified in picture:

Bahmin Anvari
Paul Baas
Rox Anderson
Vadim Backman
Greg Bearman
M J Block
Brett Bouma
Mark Brezinski
Pina Colarusso
Luiz B. da Silva
Johannes de Boer
Daniel Farkas
Michael Feld
Tayyaba Hasan
Phil Haydon
Stefan W. Hell
Christoph Hitzenberger
Robert Hoffman
Gereon Huettmann
Beop-Min Kim
Mladen Korbelik
James Lepock
Mike Marron
Tsuyoshhi Nishisaka
Barry Payne
Adrian Podoleanu
Gerwin Puppels
Bjorn Quistorff
E. Victor Ross
Wim Sluiter
Vincent P. Wallace
Tony Wilson
Aleksandr Zelenchuck

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