Gallery of images.

NewsEtc, July, 1998. Steven Jacques, Oregon Medical Laser Center

This month we emphasize laser welding of tissues.

The purposes of this gallery are:

  • to provide images that portray our field of biomedical optics and medical lasers.
  • to point interested viewers toward sites that report their development of optical technologies for medicine.
  • to encourage the many other labs doing research in this field to post some images illustrating their work so that the general surfing audience can view our collective progress.

    Laser welding is the technique of which uses laser energy to achieve the bonding of two tissues pieces. There are two types of laser welding under development:

    laser-welded vein

    A cut vein is rejoined using laser welding.
    Medical Photonics Laboratory, Health Care Technologies Program, Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

    Laser welding.

    Such "sutureless surgery" can achieve rapid sealing of lacerated tubular structures.

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