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posted Feb 1, 1998 by Steven L. Jacques

Februrary, 1998

  • Video imaging with polarized light finds skin cancer margins not visible to dermatologists.
    A clinical investigation with a new video camera that uses polarized light is demonstrating the ability to visualize the true margins of skin cancer which are not clinically visible to dermatologic surgeons. Link to article

  • Non-contact optical transducer for detection of laser-induced photoacoustic signals.
    A noncontact optical transducer based on interferometry is being developed for detection of laser-induced photoacoustic signals in a collaborative effort between the Risoe National Labs of Denmark and the Oregon Medical Laser Center (OMLC). Link to article

  • Press releases and news items on biomedical "optics" and medical "lasers".
    Links to 21 recent press releases and news items of interest to biomedical optics and medical lasers found while searching for "laser" or "optics" or "photodynamic therapy". Link to article

  • Gallery of images.
    This month's gallery of images features Ultrasound-modulated imaging.Link to article

  • OPINION ARTICLE: SPIE vs OSA: a false choice. Let's keep both biennial meetings.
    We the "photon migration community" currently alternate our annual meeting between the SPIE and OSA. Let's not degenerate into two annual meetings each with half the attendance.Link to article

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