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Monte Carlo:

Photon hops to new position

NewsEtc., Dec., 1998. Steven Jacques, Oregon Medical Laser Center

The photon takes a step of variable length determined by sampling the exponential probability density function for the stepsize (s) of movement before the photon interacts with the tissue by the combination of absorption and scattering:

p(s) = µtexp(-µts)

whose average value is s = 1/µt where µt = µa + µs. A random number (rnd) is specified and used to sample p(s):

s = -log(rnd)/(mua + mus);

The current position (x, y, z) is updated by the projections of s onto each of the x, y, and z axes. For example, x += s * us means x = x + s*us.

/**** HOP
   Take step to new position
   s = stepsize
   ux, uy, uz specify current photon trajectory
  while ((rnd = RandomNum) < = 0.0);   /* yields 0 < rnd < = 1 */
  s = -log(rnd)/(mua + mus);          /* Step size.  Note: log() is base e */
  x += s * ux;                        /* Update positions. */
  y += s * uy;
  z += s * uz;

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©1998, Steven L. Jacques, Scott A. Prahl, Oregon Graduate Institute, Oregon Medical Laser Center