Summary of the Optical Society of America Topical Meeting on Lasers in Dermatology: Bio-Optics and Treatment of Human Skin, held in Long Beach, CA, Oct. 17-18, 1997.

OSA Topical Meeting on Dermatology successfully engages scientists and physicians in dialogue on medical lasers and skin optics.

An experiment in interfacing scientists and doctors was conducted at last week's OSA meeting in Long Beach. A topical meeting on dermatology presented scientific talks on Friday and clinical talks on Saturday, pertaining to skin optics, optical diagnostics and dosimetry, and the clinical use of lasers for therapies.

Friday began with a talk on the origins of skin optical properties and an M.D.'s perspective on why doctors should care. Subsequent presentations covered spectroscopic, imaging, and modeling of skin optics. The final plenary talk was an encouraging yet frank discussion of Photodynamic Therapy for dermatology by Allan Oseroff MD, Roswell Park Cancer Center.

Saturday was devoted to clinical aspects of skin optics and laser therapy. Clinical topics included laser treatment of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, and hair removal.

The attendance was about 65 people. There were about 7 commercial exhibitors.

Most quotable quote: "Sucking on the skin makes it red", R. Rox Anderson MD, Harvard Medical School.

Lasers in Dermatology: Bio-Optics and Treatment of Human Skin

Organizers: J. Stuart Nelson, MD, E. Victor Ross MD

SpeakerTalk title
Tissue OpticsStuart Nelson MD, presider
Steven L. JacquesOrigins of skin optical properties and the opportunities for optical diagnostics in dermatology.
R. Rox Anderson MDIntroduction to tissue optics: an M.D.'s perspective.
Lars O. SvasaandSpectroscopic techniques for diagnosis and evaluation of therapeutic response.
Bruce J. TrombergNoninvasive measurements of optical and physiological properties using multi-frequency, multiwavelengthphoton density waves.
Optical Diagnostics, Imaging and ModelingStuart Nelson MD, presider
Nik KolliasOptical methods: fluorescence spectroscopy as an aid in diagnosis of skin tumors.
Steven L. JacquesDeveloping an optical fiber reflectance spectrometer for home-care monitoring of neonatal jaundice.
Thomas E. MilnerDetermination of the optical properties of turbid media using pulsed infrared tomography.
Xiaonan MaSubsurface imaging of the skin using a new z-scanning technique in optical coherence tomography.
Z. ChenOptical doppler tomography: imaging in vivo skin blood flow.
Optical Diagnostics and New DevicesHoward Nathel, presider
Miland RajadhyakshaClinical real-time confocal microscopy of human skin and oral cavity lesions in vivo.
Johannes F. de BoerBirefringent measurements of biological tissue with low coherence optical tomography and its application to human skin.
Bahman AnvariAnalysis of surface cooling techniques during dermatological applications of lasers.
E. Victor Ross"Recycling" wasted photons: a device to increase laser energy used in surgery.
Robert S. AndersonHigh energy polymer dye lasers with variable wavelengths for medical applications.
Shlomo AssaScanning technologies in laser dermatology.
Applications: PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)E. Victor Ross MD, presider
Allan Oseroff MDPhotodynamic therapy in dermatology.

SpeakerTalk title
Applications: Vascular and Pigmented LesionsE. Victor Ross MD, presider
Martin van GemertAnatomy, color and treatment of portwine stains.
Vic A. Narurkar MDUse of variable pulsewidth, variable pulse duration dye laser in treatment of vascular lesions.
Christine C. Dierickx MDTreatment of vascular lesions with a long-pulse green laser.
Brian D. Zelickson MDLaser tattoo removal.
Applications: Skin ResurfacingGary P. Lask MD, presider
Vasan VenugopalanA critical analysis of thermal injury and laser resurfacing.
Richard Fitzpatrick MDAdvances in laser skin resurfacing.
Kathleen J. Smith MDIncreased smooth muscle actin, factor XIIIa, and vimentin positive cells in the papillary dermis of CO2 laser debrided porcine skin.
K. Khatri MDComparison of erbium:YAG and CO2 lasers in skin resurfacing.
Gary Lask MDNonablative laser treatment of facial rhytides.
Applications: Laser Hair RemovalChristine Dierickx MD, presider
Christine C. Dierickx MDBasic science of laser-assisted hair removal.
Melanie C. Grossman MDLaser-assisted hair removal.
S.H. Liew MDRuby laser irradiation results in decreased hair diameter in regrowing hair.
S.H. Liew MDHair depilation using the ruby laser in a continuous mode: correlation between efficacy of treatment and melanin content of hair and the growth phases of hair at a specific site.
Tai-Yuan David Lin MDInfluence of hair growth cycle on hair follicle destruction by pulsed ruby laser treatment in newborn mice.

Collocated with OSA Annual Meeting/ILS-XIII. Original meeting announcement at OSA website:

Prepared Oct. 19, 1997 by Steven Jacques,
Oregon Medical Laser Center,

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