by Scott Prahl

Now what you've been waiting for! Web based adding-doubling calculations!

Unfortunately, we recently had a system upgrade. Somewhere in the process all the cgi scripts were lost. Then the binaries had to be recompiled. Then I thought that I should take the opportunity to add some css to the website. Then I figured that it was time to upgrade to xhtml. Then I thought that some of the software should be updated. Then there were packaging issues. Then the new fortran compilers don't play nicely with the old fortran compilers and the latest gcc. (Fortran??) So you see that I have been doing some serious yak shaving. Progress is being made, but as of October 4th, this calculator is not working. Sorry.

Ironically the above text does not have a year. But that was years and years ago. Things still aren't working right.

Scattering 1/mm
Absorption 1/mm
Thickness mm
Index of Refraction