Web resources for the conscious manager

Here are links to authors and trainers whose approaches to management are

These are people I know personally. Most, but not all, are martial art practitioners.

I favor this because... anyone can talk, and they might be telling you the truth or might not. But in movement and physical interaction it all comes out; a teacher either knows his/her stuff or doesn't, and is giving it to you straight or isn't, and you can almost always tell.

The individuals listed here know their stuff and tell it straight.

* The exception that proves the rule: I do not know Baker Roshi personally. And speaking of people I don't know personally,

From right: Ronya Kozmetsky, George Kozmetsky, Kay Charnes, Abraham Charnes, William W. Cooper, Fred Phillips, at a celebration of Charnes' 70th birthday in 1987. (Photo by K. Paek.)