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For goings-on around town, try Austin360 and Austin.Citysearch.

The IC2 Institute helped transform Austin's economy and now consults with other budding technopoleis worldwide. The Austin Software Council does great things to keep the industry vital in Texas.

The University of Texas at Austin is a pretty hap'nin place.



View from the University of Texas at Austin's main building (the infamous tower) toward downtown and the Capitol. (Photo by the author.)

Vertiginous view of the Capitol dome from the inside. (Photo by the author.)

View from Austin's Mount Bonnell toward the Texas Hill Country. (Photo by the author.)

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For goings-on around town, Portland city info.

Ski Oregon!

Check the local business scene at the Oregon Business Channel, and Oregon's software industry at Software Association of Oregon.

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology is, according to TIME and US News & World Report, one of the U.S.' best places for graduate study in engineering. Enroll on-campus if you can (the skiing and fishing are great, as are the academics). But if you can't get here, check out our distance learning offerings in Management in Science and Technology.

The Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology attracts 800 academics and practitioners from 25 countries, every two years. It is a premier event in the technology management field and a fun time.



I've travelled a lot, but I can truthfully say you ain't seen nuthin' 'til you've seen Mt. Hood (above, looking east across downtown Portland, and below).

Oregon also has the U.S.' most beautiful coastline. A sample below, Seaside, Oregon. (Photo by author.)

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Tokyo and Japan


I have enjoyed William Gibson's and Sujata Massey's fiction set in Japan.



Neon extravaganza in Kabukicho. (Photo by author.)


At the famous early-morning market at Tsukiji. Please do not ask whether I shot this with a fish-eye lense. (Photo by author.)

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