The Conscious Manager: Zen for Decision Makers

by Fred Phillips


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The Conscious Manager will be published by Bookpartners in late 2000.


Zen at Work

There were Zen books that told you how to get along with obnoxious co-workers, how to plan your career, and how to maintain your motorcycle. There were Zen books on how to cope with oppressive bosses.

But now you are the boss. You make decisions for yourself, your family, your company, your clubs and charities, and on political issues. You want to make these decisions responsibly, with integrity and good humor, based on a positive and consistent set of values.

The Conscious Manager offers a Zen path to responsible decision making, for non-practitioners of Zen and practitioners alike.

From the introduction to The Conscious Manager:

"To live life all in one piece is indeed a gift, though not easily gained. I cannot now imagine my life without the values I have learned from Zen martial art. But how can one integrate these values &endash; physicality, the reality of life and death, the imperative for sincerity and generosity &endash; with the suit-and-tie pursuit of market advantage in the business world? This book offers such answers as I have found so far, as well as some answers to the more superficial question 'How can skills from Zen martial art help one succeed in business?'

"If I've done my job, the book will help you see, and accept, the logical and emotional consequences of your life's values. It will show you that it is possible to carry those values, without compromise, from your personal life into your corporate and political roles. It will show you, by means of examples from the U.S. and Japan, how to act on those values with integrity, in order to make responsible choices in organizational decision making and public policy."



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The Conscious Manager won't be available for sale until late 2000.

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This is the photo of Nagasaki's ground zero monument mentioned in the introduction to The Conscious Manager. (Photo by the author.)