jogi #1

jogi #3

Aiki Jogi #2

This was originated by Koichi Tohei and changed slightly by Rod Kobayashi.

Facing north initially (n,s, etc indicate ending direction)

  1. ready position, thrust tsuki, return to upper guard (n)
  2. thrust tsuki, return to upper guard (n)
  3. step through, switch hands, right yokomen (n)
  4. release left hand to make big U with tip while sliding left off line, tip then comes down on opponent's right wrist (ne)
  5. step with left foot and strike right yokomen (n)
  6. change hands and repeat 1 (n)
  7. turn to right 180°, strike left yokomen (same as 3) (s)
  8. same as 4 (s)
  9. same as 5 (s)
  10. same as 6 (s)
  11. same as 7 (s)
  12. turn 45° to left and to rear, tsuki with ishizuki between eyes
  13. turn 45° to right, change hands and tsuki with ishizuki to forehead
  14. keep turning 180° to right and then step forward and tsuki with kissaki and return to upper guard.
  15. turn 180° step with right foot and strike left yokomen
  16. swing 180° to right, step forward and continue until facing north, raise jo to guard
  17. drop arms, slide left, change hands move kissaki in a "U" to avoid shomen attack
  18. tsuki to opponents face with kissaki
  19. repeat 5
  20. change hands and tsuki to chest with kissaki
  21. let jo slide through hands and step forward with right foot as the ishizuki strikes chin in upper cut
  22. let go with left hand and tsuki to throat with kissaki

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