Bob McCann on ki

Ki must not be mistaken for magic. It is an experience we all have naturally at one time or another in our lives. It is, among other things, the experience of being in complete harmony with the whole of our situation, and, therefore, it is the state of maximum efficiency of action and clarity of thought. We have all had a few brief experiences with this: the time of extreme clarity and focus when someone throws a dart and it feels more akin to reaching out and placing it exactly on target, or the time when someone acknowledges another's frustration, says something polite and changes the other person's day for the better, etc.

Through practice we seek to improve our ability to achieve this state at will in our daily lives. This involves a lifelong quest for wisdom and understanding through practice and experience.

Sensei Bob McCann instructed at the Aikido Club at Southwest Texas State University between 1993-1996, and is third dan in Kokikai Aikido