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Aikido is the way of nonresistance and is therefore undefeatable from the start. Fast and slow are of no consequence. Merely by having the intention to fight with one who embodies the universal law, they have fixed their mind on violating the harmony of nature itself. The person with evil or malicious feeling jyaki is defeated before he makes the first move. The contest has already been decided.

This being so, in what way can we rid ourselves of this jyaki and become pure of spirit and mind? We must unify our mind and feeling with the mercy and compassion of the universal spirit. Withing love ai, there is no competition, no enemy, no antagonism toward anyone else or anything. Those whose feeling does not coincide with this mentality can in no way come into harmony the laws of nature.

Morihei Ueshiba

From The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido by William Gleason 1995.