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PhotochemCAD Spectra by Category

This is an index of all the chemical spectra from the PhotochemCAD package by Jonathan Lindsey. This excellent program allows rapid comparison of spectra and enables one to do a variety of photochemically relevant calculations.

If PhotochemCAD is so excellent, then why bother repeating the spectra here? Well, primarily so that I (and others) could access this work without a wintel machine. It should also make up for the fact that the Spectrum of the Month was neglected for the summer of 1998.

These pages (including this one) were assembled from raw data available in the PhotochemCAD package. I used Perl to convert, create, and splice together all the information into a single page for each compound. I did not alter the absorption and emission data files and these remain in the arbitrary units.


Amino Acid

Aromatic Hydrocarbon

Arylmethine Dye


Cyanine Dye



Miscellaneous Dye

Nucleic Acid Base



Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon


Redox-active Chromophore



This page was created by Scott Prahl.