ECE 532 "Biomedical Optics 1: Tissue Optics",

Steven L. Jacques Scott A. Prahl


Mon                Sep 30             Scott                1st Day. Orientation.


1. Radiometry

Wed                 Oct 2               Steve               Introduction to Course

Fri                   Oct 4                                       No LAB

Mon                Oct 7               Scott                Laser Safety

Wed                 Oct 9               Scott                Radiometric terms

Fri                   Oct 11             YinChu            LAB


2. Wave Theory

Mon                Oct 14             Steve               Maxwell’s equations, wave equation

Wed                 Oct 16             Steve               Interferometry, OCT

Fri                   Oct 18             YinChu            LAB

Mon                Oct 21             Scott                Snell’s Law, total internal reflectance


3. Optical Properties

Wed                 Oct 23             Scott                Intro to optical properties

Fri                   Oct 25             YinChu            LAB

Mon                Oct 28             Scott                Measuring optical properties

Wed                 Oct 30             Scott                Measuring optical properties

Fri                   Nov. 1             YinChu            LAB


4. Transport: Monte Carlo simulations

Mon                Nov 4              Steve               Monte Carlo simulation of light transport

Wed                 Nov 6              Steve               Programming Monte Carlo code

Fri                   Nov. 8             YinChu            LAB


5. Transport: Analytic expressions

Mon                Nov 11            Steve               Diffusion theory: Steady-state

Wed                 Nov 13            Steve               Time-resolved/ Frequency-domain

Fri                   Nov. 15           YinChu            LAB

Mon                Nov 18            Steve               Boundary conditions

Wed                 Nov 20            Steve               Perturbation theory for complex tissues

Fri                   Nov. 22           YinChu            LAB

Mon                Nov 25            Scott                Adding-Doubling method


6. Spectroscopy and Imaging

Wed                 Nov 27            Scott                Spectroscopy

Fri                   Nov. 29           YinChu            LAB

Mon                Dec 2               Steve               Imaging

Wed                 Dec 4               Steve               Imaging

Fri                   Dec 6               YinChu            LAB

Final Exam: Dec. 9-13