Making QuickTime Movies on Macintosh


Here is how to make QuickTime movies on the Macintosh using the old version of MATLAB (ver. 2.0).

Download qtwrite.mex for use with MATLAB ver. 2.0 to create MOV movie files.

NOTES on movie making using MATLAB 5.2 on Macintosh:

1. Create MOV file with Matlab using qtwrite.mex:

	% uses qtwrite.mex
	% N = number of images to use in movie
	seq = [1:N]; 
	NN  = length(seq);
	M   = moviein(NN,gcf);
	for i=1:NN
		% draw your ith image here
		M(:,i) = getframe(gcf);
	map = colormap;

2. From Finder, double-click on "myQTmovie", which loads it into QuickTime.

3. Export (Cntrl-E) as QuickTime Movie using .mov suffix, as "".
(May need QuickTime Pro which enables export/save features)

4. Re-open "". Select Movie:Loop. Resave (Cntrl-S).
Note: Selecting Loop-Back-and-Forth may yield a jerky Loop-Back. 
If you want Loop-Back-and-Forth, try creating movie with seq = [1:N N:-1:1],
although this doubles size of movie to download.

Now the movie "" will load into a webpage and will have LOOP action.
Embed within a .html file using:

   <embed src="" height="115" width="300"> </embed>

where the movie size was (100,300) = (height,width). 
Add an extra 15 pixels to height to allow for display of the controller.