Most of the content is restored. Many of the pages have been tweaked to a basic responsive web design. A number of old urls or email addresses were updated or deleted.

The calculators work again.

New Stuff

I decided to use GitHub to host the Mie and Adding-Doubling software.

I wrote a python-only Mie scattering package with lots of documentation.
basics | efficiencies | algorithm | fog | deviates

I also wrote python bindings for the adding-doubling code.

To Do

  • Some content still needs to be retired and some is still missing.
  • The whole spectra directory still needs attention.

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This website is a collaboration of Steve Jacques (above, now at OSHU) and Scott Prahl (at Oregon Tech). We started this site a long time ago (no gray hair) at the Oregon Medical Laser Center at Providence St. Vincent in Portland.