Our server crashed.

So the web server that this site was hosted on died. No files were recoverable. Now of course I had a backup, but somewhere/somehow most of those backups were lost in another hard disk crash. So the current contents of this site are really, really old.

Stuff left to do.

I am just trying to restore basic functionality. As of now there are a bunch of things broken. This page is a start on moving to a modern responsive web design that works on mobile devices.

  • A bunch of content still needs to be retired.
  • The calculators now barely work yet.
  • Software versions are very old.
  • The whole spectra directory needs some attention.
  • Update the site to something a responsive web design.
  • I think the OSLO stuff is gone.
  • Lots of missing stuff needs replacement.

Jacques Picture Prahl Picture

This website is a collaboration of Steve Jacques (above, now at OSHU) and Scott Prahl (at Oregon Tech). We started this site a long time ago (no gray hair) at the Oregon Medical Laser Center at Providence St. Vincent in Portland.